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Here you will find resources for finances + lifestyle + blogging initiatives.

This page is updated with articles that are written to explain the resources in more detail.

finance resources

These financial services are FREE to use. 


♦ Financial Trackers / Aggregators



Are you tracking your money? If not, using a financial aggregator will allow you to see all your balances all in one place. It ensures that you always have a pulse on your money and will be well aware if there is suspicious activity. These resources are FREE to use. I have been using them for years!

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Budget & Tracking Tool


Are you looking for a new and improved way to manage your finances and build a foundation for years to come? Try my very own Budget & Tracking Spreadsheet. There is a 20-page guide available to walk you step-by-step through the process.

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Find out more about the FTD Budget + Tracking Spreadsheet

♦ Credit Score Trackers



Credit scores should be checked often to ensure that any issues can be rectified in a timely manner.

For starters, visit to get a free report every 12-month period from all three credit reporting agencies. It will not include your credit score. You will have to pay a small fee for the actual number.

After that, consider monitoring your credit score for fluctuations with the below services. I use them both!

A simple app download will allow for access to a number that you need to know! Try it out today and see what your score is and how you can improve it! It’s FREE.

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lifestyle resources

♦ Cash Back/Discount Codes


To get the most value out of making online purchases – I use Rakuten. This method allows me to receive cash back for what I would buy anyway.

The process I use for online shopping:

When I am ready to make a purchase, I go to Rakuten, log in to my account, and type in the retailer. If it is within the Rakuten network it will come up with an option to click-through to the retailer. Once on the retailer’s website, I proceed as normal and add items to my cart and make payment. Once Rakuten has verified the purchase, I receive the cash back into my Rakuten account.



I recently started using this app and I’ve already saved money! AND – it’s important to note that it’s on items that I would normally buy anyway!

This app is mainly for grocery shopping and is very similar to Ebates. Visit the website or app and add the products that you plan on buying. Purchase the products from the store. Take a picture of the receipt. Scan the barcode (doesn’t ask every time). Wait for the cashback to be deposited to your Ibotta account within 48 hours. Voila!



I don’t use any other service for discount codes when making a purchase online. I only use Retail-me-not because it works. I can get a discount code or a code for freebies depending on where I shop online. Simply do a search for your chosen retailer and check for online deals. Some codes don’t work, but I am never disappointed when one does work. When I shop at, I know I can score a code for a deluxe sample or freebie. It’s awesome!


♦ Make Extra Money


If you have excess goods that you want to sell to make extra cash, this is your place. You can sell CD’s, DVD’s, cell phones, and much more. You simply download the app or use their website, scan the goods, and they give you a price for the product if it is in their purchasing database. If you decide to sell your items, simply package it up and send it UPS insured for free. Decluttr makes payment the day after the item is received by them.



Sell the goods in your closet for extra cash. I’ve been using Poshmark since 2013 – and it’s legit and awesome! Try it out yourself and use my code “FTDCLOSET” to get $5 in your Posh account. Read more about my tips + tricks for selling on Poshmark here.


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