Defined Words

This page will document any words that are used in the articles that may need more explanation. Some of these words will be defined in the context as it relates to my situation. I will be adding to this list regularly.

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auxiliary fund: This is an account on the side, invested or not.

credit card rolling period: The period that the credit cards that I use close out for that particular month, ie. a credit card may enter its new cycle on the 25th of each month, so the balance would include data from the August 26th-September 25th time period.

escrow account: A bucket that the lender has established for property taxes and insurance premiums. The funds from this bucket are utilized for paying the property taxes and insurance premiums that come due. The funds are taken from each mortgage payment that is made.

subsidized loan: This type of loan is based on financial need. The loan balance does not accrue interest while attending school at least half-time.