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Thank YOU for visiting Full-Time Dollars. A win for me is that you find relevance in the provided content to apply to your own life.

My mission.

Sharing insights and resources to help you reach your money goals with a focus on financial freedom and redefining the 9-5.

About Full-Time Dollars.

I created Full-Time Dollars (FTD) in September 2017.

This website started as a casual place to document my FI/RE journey, but it has evolved into much more.

My intent is to produce content that makes it easier for you to manage your finances, progress in your financial journey, and reach your money goals – big or small.

Whether you have financial freedom as a goal or want to learn how to improve your finances – you will find it here!

At Full-Time Dollars, you can expect to find articles related to finance + lifestyle.

My belief is that it takes both financial and lifestyle changes to build a ladder that will support you through all facets of your life.

If you’re interested, my own journey to financial independence and a redefined life is included in the mix. I open up about different aspects of my life that are relevant to my message.

I share info. on my situation throughout, but feel free to check out my FI/RE progression here, here, and here.

It’s not all serious! It’s about being enthused and optimistic about life while in pursuit of your financial goals, so I include travel, food, and goal-setting articles that are relevant (ie. budget-friendly, cost-effective, etc.)

About me.

Call me HP!

I’m in my early thirties, currently living in a major city within the U.S.

My background is in Accounting where I spend much of my time crunching numbers and creating Excel worksheets.

In my free time, I use my creative side to create content for Full-Time Dollars.


On the money front, my household (husband and me) have one big financial goal.

The goal is to reach financial freedom by the time we both turn 40, which is more than 6 years away.

It was back in 2013 that the goal took shape.

Here’s a timeline:

2013: FI/RE Goal, Dual Income, One house

2014: FI/RE Goal, Dual Income, One house

2015FI/RE Goal, Dual Income, One house

2016FI/RE Goal, Dual Income, One house – I was laid off in 2016, but I had my income throughout 2016.

2017FI/RE Goal, Single Income, One house – With my time off, I started thinking about what the “RE” portion meant to me. It changed from “retire early” to “redefined 9-5”.

2018FI/RE Goal, Single Income, One house, One apartment – I accepted a job offer in a major city in late 2018.

2019: FI/RE Goal, Dual Income, One house, One apartment

Ultimately, the FI/RE goal is a departure from confined work to the world of possibilities where money is NOT the prime factor in making life’s decisions.

Financial independence will provide the option to choose how the 9-5 is spent, providing the ability to review work options with a critical eye.

To give you an idea, it’s a move from “I have to work to pay the bills.” to “I get to redefine my 9-5” For me, that would be anything in the creative space – dance, fitness, content creation, template building, and so on.

That being said, the path is not easy. It takes a plan of action, commitment, continuous income, investment in wealth-builders, strong desire to become financially free, and of course, an achievable FI number.

 The formula I have always abided by is:

earning power + saving power + investing power

= financial security | build wealth | financial freedom | retire someday | options | a life defined by ME

The portion after the equal sign is what this equation means to ME. Finish this equation with what matters to YOU.

About you.

Don’t you want to have options?

Life is unpredictable. 

Do you have…

– trouble envisioning your end goal?

– difficulty planning your retirement timeline?

– areas you can refine in your budget?

– trouble seeing the bigger financial picture?

Do you want…

– help understanding your finances?

– motivation and inspiration to conquer your dreams?

– to add value at work in order to get promoted?

– to gain the tools to make a departure from the 9-to-5, to a life redefined?

You will learn all this and more right here at Full-Time Dollars.

I’m here to educate you, empower you, and motivate you to



Do you want to build the rungs of your ladder that will allow you options for your life?

Are You Ready To Make It About You?

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Fun facts.

Spicy food at the max level is “where it is at“.

 I’m directionally-challenged, which means I should never be the person in charge of reading maps.

I’m Vietnamese, but I only speak English fluently.

I’m not a picky eater and will try *most* foods at least once.

I recently moved to a new state, but I still live in the Southwest region of the U.S.

I enjoy traveling and have been to some of the major cities in the U.S. and France.

Join me on this journey at Full-time Dollars, by providing your input and support.

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