Get Promoted: Make More Money At Your 9-5 Job

Do you want your 9-5 total compensation to be more robust and plentiful?

If you have a desire to advance your career and in turn, make more money – this article absolutely pertains to YOU.

It’s never too late to start anew and hit it out of the park.

I’m going to provide you some tips and tricks to help you get promoted and boost your income at your full-time job!

You’re going to need to bring a few things along with you to continue.

  • Motivation
  • Tenacity
  • Winning attitude

Let’s go!

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Get Promoted: Make More Money At Your 9-5 Job

#1 – Find An Employer That Values Career Development.

This step is crucial. Does your employer put emphasis on promoting from within the company?

“Work” towards finding an employer that will pay you for all your extra efforts.

Check out Glassdoor and LinkedIn to start finding your ideal workplace. Get ratings, salary ranges, and do company research.

At the interview, make sure to ask whether or not they have career development initiatives and opportunities for growth. 

Also, keep in mind other considerations when looking for a job.

Your base salary is only one important element of your overall financial picture.

The salary should be competitive, but also consider everything else the company offers, including:

  • Benefits
  • Bonuses and merit increases
  • Retirement contributions
  • Tuition and certification reimbursements
  • Amenities and perks

All these extras combined with the base salary are considered “total compensation”.

Imagine this: You make a job move. The new employer offers tuition reimbursement. You plan on getting your MBA which will cost $20,000 overall. Your employer offers up to $5,250/year reimbursement, which comes out to $10,500 for a two-year program. On top of that, they cover all expenses to get a certification in your degree field. Additionally, each year upon review of your job performance, there may be merit increases and an annual bonus.

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#2 – Speak With Your Manager About Your Career Goals.

This part can be difficult for many of us, but it needs to be done.

There’s a perception that in order to get promoted you have to put in years of work.

Sure, but if you want to potentially accelerate the process and make more money – you have to be proactive.

Remember, you are your biggest advocate!

Start by communicating your intentions with your manager. They can offer advice and guidance. 

Let’s say theoretically, you’re a Staff-level Accountant and want to eventually move into a Senior-level position, OR make a lateral move into a different department with a more clear path to Management.

The goal is to find the path to get there.

This can be tricky because your direct manager may not offer sound advice or they may not advocate for you. You won’t know until you communicate what you’re looking for and next best steps.

With any type of relationship, you want to know where you stand. Your goal is to get the necessary information to make a well-rounded decision.

Make it clear your contributions-to-date and your intent on advancing within the company.

At this point, depending on your discussion, there may be areas that you will need to learn and develop.

You may be expected to take on higher-level assignments/projects, attend a multi-month training program to gain lacking skills, obtain a certification in your field, and more.

The list varies, but first, take a bold step by either scheduling a time to speak with your manager or wait until the annual evaluation process.

get promoted, make more money

#3 – Add Value Within Your Job Function.

In order to get promoted, your efforts and output at work will need to be improved.

In a performance-based environment, your salary will mirror the value that you’re able to provide.

Value-added measures in an employee setting come from training, certifications, gaining proficient knowledge in the area(s) that you’re working, and most importantly, able to be proactive in these efforts.

Other value-adding areas:

  • Streamline processes.
  • Produce high-quality work.
  • Meet your deadlines.
  • Save OR Make money for the company.
  • Own your projects from start to finish.

From experience speaking with many companies, the common denominator is do your work and DO IT WELL.

Adding immense value to your job function will make it difficult for your employers to say “NO” to giving you more money! 

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#4 – Have A Positive Attitude + Solid Interpersonal Skills.

Let’s say you’re given an assignment and you scowl and complain endlessly about the added work.

Even if you end up completing the project in the given timeline, people are not going to forget having to endure the pain of giving you a project.

Always find the positive and brighter side to more work and responsibilities.

Look at it as a TEST of how you’re able to handle these situations. 

Along with having a positive attitude, interpersonal skills are vitally important in the workplace. 

If you’re aiming to get promoted, that means that you’re likely going to be working with more people, departments, and team-settings.

Having solid people skills will dictate if you’re going to be successful in not only the next job, but your entire career.

get promoted, make more money

Sharing My Value-Adding Work Experiences.

I’ve always abided by the concept of adding value at the workplace.

Making more money meant that I could save and invest more of it to eventually redefine my 9-5. 

For me, I saw first-hand how operating at maximum capacity could increase my income. 

This concept was proven to me when I worked for employers that valued my efforts.

Prior to my two-year “mini-retirement”, I worked my way up to a Senior position that paid a great salary with a 10-15% performance bonus.

My other takeaways included a nice place to work and the ability to rapidly save money in a 401k, HSA, and taxable accounts.

The hard work that I was putting forth would pay me back two-, three-, four-fold down the line in many ways.

It’s worth the effort to put 100% into your working years. If you have to work anyway, why not represent the best of you?

get promoted, make more money

The Bottom Line

It’s time for you to increase your odds to get promoted:

#1 – Find an employer that values career development and promotes from within.

#2 – Communicate your career goals to your direct manager, including contributions-to-date, what the future holds, and other employee development topics.

#3 – Put in those value-added efforts to make it easy to give you more money!

#4 – positive attitude and interpersonal skills will take you far.

Now, it’s up to you to go out there and sell your skills! Ready, set…get promoted!

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