Baked Potato And Turkey Chili

baked potato & turkey chili

Here is this month’s post for the “Recipe of the Month” series.

Spending money on ready-made food and ingredients can be one of the largest expenses in your budget. My household has the mainstays that are generally budget-friendly, tasty meals that don’t make you feel deprived in the slightest. My goal with this series is to share my cost-effective go-to recipes that couples and families will enjoy.

This is my first time making this dish and it’s by far the easiest.

This recipe essentially is a baked potato with a turkey chili mix on top. What is great about this meal is that you can vary it according to your preferences.

The way I infuse more nutrients into this dish is by using veggies that reduce down into the chili mixture.

Some ideas include spinach (I bought them, but forgot to add them!), onion, pepper…and so on. Plus, this is all poured on top of a soft, baked potato – which also counts as a veggie!

January 2018 – Recipe of the Month

baked potato turkey chili

Baked Potato And Turkey Chili

-a tasty, nutritious meal that is sure to satisfy-

Best time to enjoy – For lunch or dinner and even a snack

Servings x 10

Recipe Ingredients

Russet potatoes x 10 (preferred size)  $8.00
Pepper x 1 (any color)  $1.50
Onion x 1  $1.25
Ground turkey x 1 lb.  $6.50
Chili mix seasoning x 1  $1.50
Tomato paste x 1 can  $1.25
Corn x 1 can  $1.00
Shredded cheese x 1-12 oz. bag  $3.50
Spinach (optional)
TOTAL  $24.50

Recipe Directions

  • Prep 15 minutes
  • Cook 1 ½ – 2 hours


  • Cut onion and pepper into small pieces
  • Season ground turkey with salt and pepper
  • Wash potatoes, carefully stab with fork all around, salt, wrap in foil

Cooking process:

  • Place potatoes in oven at 350 degrees, until soft – about 1-1 ½ hours depending on potato size

Once potatoes are cooked:

  • Add onion and pepper to skillet, cook for ~2-3 minutes
  • Stir in turkey meat, break up into small pieces
  • Add tomato paste and chili mix
  • Let cook while stirring occasionally, ~5 minutes
  • Add corn and 1 cup of water; stir
  • Let simmer for 10 minutes, until turkey cooked through
  • Take off heat and stir


Cut potato lengthwise and top with the chili mixture; add shredded cheese and other desired toppings.

Pro Tip: Cook all the potatoes at once and store them in the fridge. Reheat throughout the week.

Enjoy, and share your thoughts if you try this recipe!

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  1. Yum! I’m drooling looking at this! I am in need of some comfort food. Came down with I think maybe a bad cold or virus and missed work yesterday. BUT – we have all the ingredients for this…I will be telling Mr. DS to make this for me today so I can feel better! Thanks for sharing!!!

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