Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge

Here is this month’s post for the “Recipe of the Month” series.

Spending money on ready-made food and ingredients can be one of the largest expenses in your budget. My household has the mainstays that are generally budget-friendly, tasty meals that don’t make you feel deprived in the slightest. My goal with this series is to share my cost-effective go-to recipes that couples and families will enjoy.

I made this recipe twice in December.

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge is so darn easy to make you will wonder how you ever did without. Growing up, my Mom didn’t make her variation often enough. Hands down the best soup I ate growing up!

My take on this Vietnamese porridge is very close to the traditional recipe. Here’s how it is a tad different:

  1. I use additional chicken stock
  2. Fish sauce is the only added salt used
  3. I don’t care too much what type of rice I use – as long as it is the white variety

December 2017 – Recipe of the Month

Vietnamese chicken rice porridge

Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge

(Chao Ga)

-a comforting meal that is sure to satisfy-

Best time to enjoy – Anytime you need a cold remedy

Servings x 8

Recipe Ingredients

Whole chicken (uncooked)  $10.00
Baby bok choy x 4 (or sub spinach)  $5.00
Yellow or white onion x 1  $1.25
Cilantro x 1 bunch  $1.25
Green onion x 1 bunch  $1.25
Chicken broth x 2-12 oz. cans  $2.50
White rice bag x 1 lb. (16 oz)  $4.00
Fish sauce x 1**  $3.50
TOTAL  $28.75
**one -time cost, will last a long time

Recipe Directions

  • Prep 15 minutes
  • Cook chicken for 1 hour in a stockpot, followed by 30-40 minutes to cook rice (after removal of chicken).


    • Chop yellow or white onion into quarters
    • Rough chop cilantro and green onion in small pieces to be stored for serving with porridge

    Cooking process:

    • Use a stockpot
    • Place on medium heat and throw in chopped yellow or white onions
    • Put in whole uncooked chicken (make sure to take out any giblets)
    • Pour in all chicken broth, add water to cover the chicken entirely
    • Let cook on medium heat for 1 hour or until chicken is fully cooked (use a meat thermometer)
    • Take chicken out (carefully) and let cool
    • Pour in rice, add bok choy (if you are using spinach, add it at the end since it does not need to be cooked as long), add 2 1/2 cups water and stir
    • Once chicken is cool, pull off all meat and put it in a container for storage
    • After 30-45 minutes, the rice should be fully cooked. It will thicken to a porridge-like consistency
    • Ladle into bowl, add some chicken on top


    Serve by stirring in ground pepper and fish sauce to taste*, add cilantro and green onion. Voila!

    *Please note, fish sauce it is very salty. If you are not familiar with it, add it to your soup in small amounts and taste it at regular intervals until it reaches your desired saltiness level. Too much can ruin your meal.

    Enjoy, and share your thoughts if you try this recipe! 

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5 thoughts on “Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge

  1. I just did a palm to forehead moment – I can’t believe I don’t keep any fish sauce in my cupboards. I have lots of friends that cook with it and love it! It’s one of those ingredients I never think to get until I want to use it. One of my new year’s resolutions is to eat healthier (less carbs, no gluten, no sugar) so I’m going to have to get out of my usual cooking habits/comfort zone. Currently adding fish sauce to list right NOW! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fish sauce is definitely good for a lot of recipes. I don’t use it enough. I may make pork and eggs which is a really simple dish for January.

      I’m always looking to be healthier and cut out carbs and sugar, but I love pizza so it’s really hard.

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