5 Simple Ways To Boost Blogging Productivity

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Do you ever feel like your blogging productivity could use some help?

You may be a long-term blogger or new to the blogging world. You’re likely interested in getting a rhythm going with blogging.

I share the same difficulties and have recently started to utilize some tactics to get myself back on track. It was becoming obvious that I needed to scale back on the time I was being unproductive.

Recently, I have been waking up each morning with the intention to conquer the day and write a blog article or maybe even two.

In my case, I have been getting side-tracked – relatable?

I end up perusing Pinterest, commenting on my favorite blogs, and making new pins for topics I have yet to cover. If I am struggling now to find the right balance, how will it be when I start working full-time again?

I needed to find solutions – STAT!

Within this article, I am going to highlight some areas that you as the reader may find relatable, no matter which stage of the blogging spectrum you are currently in.

In an effort to stay on track and boost my blogging productivity and efforts, I am going to start using these simple tips – and so can you!

blogging productivity

5 Simple Ways To Boost Blogging Productivity

#1 – Utilize a brainstorm map and/or outline.

This is where all the essays you wrote in school will come in handy. Sometimes starting out fresh with a new article can seem daunting.

Where do I start?

How do I structure my article?

It’s simple for me to say I want to blog about ways to be more productive, but how exactly will this article flow once I commit to it?

In prepping to write this article, I started using a brainstorm map. It’s a fairly simple concept.

Put your preliminary title or topic in the middle and draw a bubble around it.

Then start adding lines connecting the middle bubble to your ideas with what to relay in your overall message. Below is the bubble map I utilized for this article. I use a pen and paper so I can easily jot down what comes to me organically.

Blogging productivity
Ahem, excuse the handwriting – as long as you can read yours, you’re good to go!

After you have a map, if it helps, make a quick outline worrying just about the points you want to make and in what order. If you tend to struggle with the title and/or intro paragraph leave it out until the end – when it becomes easier to formulate these areas.

Starting from scratch is the hardest part.

If you have a few of these maps handy for when you are ready to start your article, it will make it SO much easier. The basic ideas are already written down. You just need to fluff it up with your writing personality!

#2 – Have a notebook handy.

A simple, handy-dandy notebook will do the trick.

Having a notebook around at all times is useful in order to write down any ideas that you may have. Take any ideas from throughout the day and scribble them in your notebook so you can free up mental capacity to focus on other things.

This simple tool will save me the trouble of trying to log my thoughts into categories that I hope I can remember the next day – wishful thinking. I can make notes throughout the day and reference back to them. This is a game changer for me!

#3 – Schedule Pinterest + social media accounts.

In an effort to save money, I was manually posting on my Pinterest and social media accounts.

In the beginning, this worked for me.

When time progressed, I opted to use automation services in order to free up my time.

Along with manually pinning, it’s ideal to have a schedule in place to take over for the times when you can’t pin – like 2am in the morning!

If you are in the blogging world, you may already have a Pinterest account set up and are using it as a source of traffic.

In order to get any traction on Pinterest, it is imperative that you pin often and consistently.

Tailwind has been a saving grace as I can use the service to share both my pins to “Tribes” and other people’s pretty pins.

It leaves me time to focus on the content that is actually going to make its debut and help me in growing my presence.

Tip: You will receive $15 for signing up with Tailwind through this link. From my experience, depending on what plan you choose, this is equivalent to a 1-month credit – essentially you are trying the service for free.

#4 – Segment your responsibilities.

I have started utilizing this recently and it seems to be working rather well. When I am focused on writing then it goes really smoothly, but sometimes I just don’t want to sit down and write, ya know?

Well, I started thinking that I needed to do tasks in segments.

As with any task, segmenting makes it easier to actually tackle the project.

Let’s say for instance you know on Friday’s you get really busy with life, so you aren’t productive with the blog.

How about planning Friday’s to be those one-off tasks, such as brainstorming for a future article or creating visuals, nothing too time-consuming.

I have noticed with blogging that I am not a fan of moving straight from writing to editing. What I am starting to implement is scheduling a time to write to my heart’s desire and then have a separate time for editing, finalizing, and creating visuals.

This allows me the head space to focus on a designated task at any given point.

I don’t have to jump from one task to the next. I am Type-A and can freely multi-task like a champ, but blogging is SO different for me.

Is that the same with you?

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#5 – Utilize a blogging productivity schedule.

I always utilized a productivity schedule when I was working so I could accomplish all the tasks I needed to perform that day. It works!

What I like about this method is that it serves dual purposes.

1) Have a schedule to plan out your week and leave little notes here and there.


2) File these away in a binder so you always have the deets on what you did.

Here’s a visual of the schedule I am utilizing. It’s a schedule for Monday-Sunday and the tasks are segmented for you.

Sign up below and get it right away so you can start utilizing it to boost your blogging productivity and stay on schedule!

There are two worksheets included in the pack – one with more girly colors and another more neutral one.

Blogging productivityBlogging productivity

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The Bottom Line

Now that you have my 5 tips to boost blogging productivity, hopefully, you find them useful to start implementing them in your own lifestyle.

Let’s review!

#1 – To speed up the process of coming up with content, utilize a brainstorm map and/or outline.

#2 – Use a notebook to free up brain space and freely document new ideas.

#3 – Schedule Pinterest + social media accounts to automate the process.

#4 – Segment responsibilities for the times you are most productive.

#5 – Last but not least, use a schedule to plan your week.

Being productive will allow you to get back into the swing of things. Also, making it possible to focus on the content, which is essential to your success. Feel free to reach out by contacting me or leaving a comment.

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Readers, what are your struggles when it comes to blogging? How did you overcome them?

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