3 Approaches To Consider When Blogging

3 approaches to consider when blogging

There is an influx of bloggers in varying industries including personal finance, fashion, food, and travel, among others. There is stiff competition out there. If you’re a blogger, how are you setting yourself apart? In this article, I am going to outline 3 approaches to consider when blogging to an audience that you can utilize right away.

Ask yourself, what entices YOU to follow a blogger? It may come as a surprise to people that although I have a personal finance and lifestyle blog, in my downtime, I tend to follow fashion and travel blogs. Why?

Mainly, I liken it to “living a day in the life of [ insert blogger ]“.

It’s a glamorous lifestyle. Why yes, I would love to drop everything right now and travel to Paris to enjoy a flaky, buttery, croissant.

I have the ability to live vicariously through the styled images. All without spending the exorbitant amount of money that it may take to actually live that lifestyle. An added bonus from following fashion and travel bloggers is a view into their travel excursions. It allows me to map any locations that I would eventually want to visit now, and into early retirement.

That being said, there are 3 reasons why I tend to follow a given blogger. It involves their ability to connect with their followers, social media and/or blog content, and personality.

Let’s break it down further.

3 Areas of Consideration When Blogging

1. Connecting with followers

This is a major focus because you want to be relatable and approachable. In my experience, there is nothing worse than to ostracize your would-be followers because of a superiority complex. If you’re just starting out, this can run potential loyal followers off before they have even gotten to know you.

Also, consider the views of the audience. Try not to alienate them with the approach you take in expressing yourself. For instance, with a personal finance blog, naturally I have tips and tricks that work for me. That does not mean that it will apply to every, single person. I try to provide information to be used as a baseline suggestion, which can be modified to meet the various needs of the individual. This allows the reader to make the determination of what works best for their situation.


  • Be genuine, relatable, and approachable
  • Allow an environment to express opinions

2. Content

This is key. The content can either be visual or written.

If your blog has real-life imagery because it may be a fashion or travel blog, then the focus is to provide really good photographs. Pictures taken in natural light that show off the detailed elements of the subject are always attractive to the eye.

If for example you have an informational blog, such as for personal finance or world news, then the written content should be the main focus. Here are some items to consider when producing written content. The article should be well-written, have a structured format, provide value, and have accurate facts. A good way to determine if your article needs work is getting feedback from someone you trust and edit the heck out of it.


  • Visual content – focus on the quality of your photos
  • Written content – focus on the quality of your articles
  • Well-written – no logical, grammatical, or spelling errors – if you need assistance, try using a service like Grammarly* to check your articles for errors
  • Structured format – intro, middle, end
  • Provide value – what makes your message special?
  • Accurate facts – do your research

3. Personality

Does your message come across to the reader with personality? Would you trail off listening to yourself or reading your blog post? Some topics can be inherently dry and lackluster. (“Anyone? Anyone?” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). Don’t be afraid to add some pizzazz into your content. Think of it like this: How would you spill the beans to a friend about something you are excited about sharing? People get excited when they sense the excitement. If you enjoy educating others about your content, express it.


  • Get excited about your message
  • Use descriptive words, and don’t be afraid to use informal language


This was written with the goal to provide some insight as to the necessity of being flexible when it comes to blogging. Auditing yourself in the 3 approaches outlined will improve your blogging initiatives. As a new blogger myself, I am always thinking about these 3 factors, and most importantly, how I can add value in a saturated market.

In time, you will attract loyal followers to your blog. I have experience on the other end, following bloggers from the beginning – and have witnessed these exact approaches. 

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3 Approaches To Consider When Blogging


6 thoughts on “3 Approaches To Consider When Blogging

  1. This is good advice!

    I think you’re right that personality and tone is a big factor in connecting to an audience. I still struggle a bit projecting my own voice and personality into my writing. Too many writing rules from High School and College I guess. I have to consciously imagine myself talking to somebody to think about how I would say it in person. That usually leads me to some decent or at least not horrible writing.

    1. Thanks Mr. FF. When we communicate in our writing, sometimes we have to remember to have some expression so that the audience knows how we feel. Since we can’t litter our posts with emojis, explanatory language is going to have to work. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Its rough as a newbie lol. Trying to find the tone I want for the blog, and the content that I would want to read. Its always a learning experience with every post, so I appreciate the post!

  3. I started a new blog this year and it’s rough! It’s quite saturated and very different compared to when I started a blog in 2009. But it’s still fun and I love the connections around North America that I am making 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing!

      It’s the first mover advantage. The most success has been seen by the pioneers of those days. Blogging has led me to learn so much in a short amount of time. It’s all worth it!

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