Selling Your Goods Online For Extra Money

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Remember when you were a student and had a limited budget so you would buy your used textbooks online?

I do because that’s all I did during my time as an undergrad. Why not buy a used book for a fraction of the price? At that time, I purchased most of my books off (which has recently closed down).

At the end of the semester, I would sell the books back on, and I would break-even most of the time. It was a cost-effective way of handling the books I needed each semester.

It also taught me how to use online platforms as a method of making extra money. Today, I am going to discuss the two platforms I use in order to sell goods to make extra money.

You will be able to gain some insights to start doing the same!

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Intro To Poshmark

It was early 2013. I had recently heard of Poshmark and decided to sign up. At that time, the company was just about a couple of years into existence.

These days, its considered one of the largest social marketplaces for buying and selling clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The men reading this post – you can sell your stuff too!

A highlight of using this particular platform is that the company supplies the shipping label immediately upon sale which can be printed and placed on a free post office mailing box. It makes the selling process quite convenient.

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It is easy to get started – simply sign up and you can start adding items to your online “closet” for others to shop 24/7.

Poshmark collects a 20% fee upon the sale of your goods. Keep that in mind when you are pricing your goods for sale.

Now, you are likely interested in how you can actually make extra money selling your clothes and accessories online. It all equates to the quality of clothing that you currently have.

selling clothes

Let’s say you have a closet full of clothes that are in fairly new condition or even have retail tags attached. This is a good start in order to be successful in selling on Poshmark.

In prior years I accumulated a closet of goods, but then quickly realized I didn’t have a need for most of the items.

Therefore, I was able to sell most of the goods through online platforms and make some of my money back as a result.

Here are some stats based on the data Poshmark provides for each seller.

I currently have almost 5,000 followers, over 2,000 shares, over 70 listings sold, and a total earned of $1,533.

Poshmark total earned
It’s hard to believe that I am a Top 10% seller, but I’ll take it.

Selling Tips To Get You Started

#1 – The more you add to your online “closet”, the better it is perceived

Go through, clean out your closet and choose the best of the best to list. Initially, it is advisable to list at least 10-20 items right away.

People are more likely to purchase from a “stocked” closet AND you are more likely to sell multiple items at once.

#2 – Great pictures and details equate to a higher percentage of sales

Take great pictures in natural light.

The picture should show the item clearly. A rule of thumb is that if you are not attracted to your photos, likely a potential buyer won’t be either.

It is best to really take your time here and add good-looking photos to your listing.

Also, adding a few pictures from different angles is always a good idea.

selling clothes

#3 – Share your listings frequently and attend “parties” to get more eyes on your items

If you are just starting out on Poshmark, you will have -0- followers.

This is just fine because you can gain followers pretty easily by just being involved. If you go through and share other people’s items, it increases the likelihood that those people will return the favor.

This will get your listing in front of more possible buyers as you build up your following.

Also, share your items to the “parties” that are held each day at select time intervals.

Oftentimes, I share my items to the 9′ o clock PM party because it is a general party that allows all your closet items to be shared.

#4 – Don’t sell items that would not get a high rating

Save yourself some time and only list items in great condition or new with tags if you want to make sales that give you a high rating.

Each customer that you sell to will be able to give you a rating on a scale of 1-5. If you consistently receive bad feedback – your closet may get closed down.

Also, selling items that are in more demand from well-known brands are going to increase your selling initiatives.

This will move your product faster which means money in your account!

#5 – If you want to eventually sell NWT wholesale items, Poshmark has a sales channel you can use

Down the line, if you want to pursue selling online as a business, Poshmark has a sales channel for wholesale merchandise.

I haven’t partaken in this due to the wholesale brands. Though, if you have a reseller license and access to other brands that can be resold on the second-hand market, this might be a viable option for you.

Poshmark is always adding new functionalities, so give it a shot if you are interested in selling goods that need a new home and make extra cash or even start selling for a profit!

Selling online for extra money

Selling On Ebay

Another selling platform that I use is eBay, where I sell some of the same items that would likely have more of a demand.

Strategically, eBay is more widely utilized and has a diverse customer base, which means my listings get more exposure – this is the main reason I tend to use it in conjunction with Poshmark. You can use some of the same tactics I described in my list above.

It always helps to have great photos, thorough descriptions, and stellar customer feedback.

eBay didn’t provide me any useful seller stats, so it’s a good thing I started keeping track of eBay sales back in 2014, which tallies up to $2,421.12 after considering all fees and shipping costs.

Please note:

  • Poshmark is only available for use in the United States. They are looking to add international capabilities at a later time – according to their website
  • eBay has an international presence


In Review

In total, I have made over $3,900 from using both these platforms in the last few years. That’s quite a bit of extra money for the goods that I don’t have a need for anymore.

It’s money I earned from recycling my stuff – that’s pretty cool.

The total does not consider most of 2017 since I was not actively selling during the beginning of this year.

All in all, Poshmark and eBay are both viable options in selling the goods you have lying around the house that are not getting much wear or use.

It’s also a good option if you want to venture into selling wholesale items as a business.

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Have you used Poshmark, eBay, or a different platform to sell your goods online? Which platform do you like using better? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Last edit 11/26/2017

4 thoughts on “Selling Your Goods Online For Extra Money

  1. I’ve never used poshmark – I don’t really know if it is available in Canada even. I use an app called VarageSale to list all my kids clothes and items we haven’t used. I’m in the process of really minimalizing my home. Selling everything you don’t own is always a great way to make some extra coin!

    1. Oh, hi from the US. My main readers are from the US and second up is Canada, so I need to make sure I account for that next time. Sorry about that. I took a second look and Poshmark is currently not available in Canada. Boo! I have actually never heard of the app that you use – I liken that it is much like Poshmark.

      I am trying to minimalize as well, but other than clothing, everything else is useful until I move to a different location. Selling online is a really good option, and also donating items like books and clothes is a good way of minimalizing.

      Thanks for reading, Allie!

  2. I had not heard of Poshmark – good explanation! Garage sales are frustrating…I think everyone just waits you out until the end of the day when you want just close and be done. Will keep this in mind for the future!

    1. Hi DS,

      I agree – garage sales only work for me for household items. Clothes are a whole different story. Half the time it’s hard for me to part with certain items because I always think I have a use for them down the line. Poshmark and Ebay make it easier because I get paid a reasonable price for those items.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

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