Practice Makes Possible

You have most likely heard the common saying, “Practice makes perfect”.  Before we can get to that level, we have to make things that we think are impossible, a possibility, therefore “Practice makes possible”.

This saying seems to make things seem more attainable, because doesn’t it help the psyche when perfection isn’t a prerequisite?

I’m sure we all have areas that we can either learn or improve upon, it only makes us more human.

Is there that one thing that you have put off doing because you couldn’t get it in the first, second, or third time you attempted it?

With practice, it may take you twenty, thirty, or forty tries to finally get to the level of achievement you are seeking.

I had three areas of difficulty that practicing allowed me to gain as a skill. I always kept telling myself and others, “I can’t ______”.

I thought that it may have been a defect in my skill-set or my way of thinking.  I will name three of the skills I have learned and hope to continue to get better at as I continue practicing.

practice makes possible

What Practice Made Possible For Me

#1. Whistle

Learning to whistle was the hardest one for me to face as a possibility. For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t whistle and finally when I was able to produce sound from pursing my lips and blowing, it was a good day. I continue to get better and can even whistle a tune, though it can use some refinement.

#2. Produce a sound from snapping my fingers

I was convinced at one point that my thumb and middle finger were incapable of making a noise when running across each other in a snapping motion. Through focused practice, I was able to master the ability to make a snapping sound and now can bring attention from this simple movement.

#3. Understand and be able to play Minesweeper

I have been familiar with this game since grade school, but I never took the time to really understand the game.  I would open it up on the computer from time to time and start clicking around thinking I could learn about how the game operated.

I never had any luck. Frankly, the thought of the game eventually was a sour memory in my mind. It wasn’t until recently with the update for Windows that it got my attention.

Now, it has a new attractive format and it is visually appealing. I was able to wrap my head around the concept and actually play a game!

What Are You Waiting For?

As you can tell, aspirations can be as modest as they can be bold. 

Each one can pose challenges that only someone with first-hand experience would be able to understand.

I encourage you to think of three things that you could do that practice would make possible in your life. Things that you could do that would build the confidence in your ability. These things can later be translated into larger tasks that right now you could only imagine pursuing.

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Do you have areas in your life that you have considered impossible at one point, but through practice have found that it is quite possible?  Feel free to share below!

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