The Equifax Hack: What It Brought To My Attention

Financial Preventative Measures

Is it normal that the Equifax hack didn’t affect me very emotionally, other than mere annoyance?

I remember getting an early morning text from my husband. His notification came through with a healthy amount of exclamation marks (!!!!!!!).

My first thought was a lot like this –

“Not surprised! What’s new?”

Is it just me? It seems as though every few months there is another company with a data breach. Oftentimes, the incident occurred a year or so ago without any acknowledgment from the affected company. In 2017, Equifax and Uber have admitted to being hacked, where consumer data has been stolen as a result.

It has certainly come to that point where all you can do is take preventative measures and hope for the best.

Preventative Measures In Place

Personally, I have a couple preventative measures that are protecting my interests.

These services include monitoring my credit with Credit Karma and Credit Sesame and utilizing Lifelock, an identity theft protection service.

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I signed up for Lifelock back in 2008, so I have had the service for a good 9 years. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was paying $17.98 for two people. (I got a minimal discount so that’s why the total for two plans does not coincide with what’s on the website.)

What the Equifax hack did was alert me to what I missed some time in the past 9 years – to review my Lifelock coverage for changes. Before we get to that, let’s review how I came upon this information.

After the Equifax breach, I received countless emails pertaining to the hack.

I only ended up opening one of them. The email was from Lifelock, and I was even surprised I opened it – boredom maybe?  Normally, I don’t care to open emails that regularly come out as newsletters.

This particular email was about the data security breach at Equifax. Lifelock advised me to keep a few things in mind. One of those things, was the fact that I was backed by their Million Dollar protection – great, right? There was an asterisk type mark next to the title, and when I scrolled down to read the fine print it took a few moments to register.

My heart started racing and my palms got sweaty.

Changes To Lifelock Coverage

At this point, I realized that Lifelock had changed their plan sometime in the past 9 years.

I had the standard plan, which had a $1M guarantee back in 2008. Throughout the years, I assumed that the monthly rate I was paying was giving me coverage of $1M for myself and $1M for my husband. I completely believe it was an error in my judgment and foresight that I did not keep up to speed on their plan offerings.

Surely, they notified me at some point.

It wasn’t until I read the email regarding the data breach that I realized that the amount of coverage offered me was merely $25,000. We all know $25,000 will not go very far. Especially when it comes to the various costs associated with lawyer fees, credit clean-up, and restoring one’s good name.  I knew in a case of identity theft, I needed coverage for far more. The whole $1M may be necessary in order to get my financial affairs back in order.

Are you taking financial preventative measures?

Review Your Affairs Often

This incident taught me that I can miss details if I am not vigilant in checking my coverages on a regular basis.

Do you have policies that could use a review or possible update? The policies can include life, home, car, casualty, umbrella, and/or health insurance. Sometimes things can happen in life that necessitates an update to the current policy, yet it goes undone.

This may be a wake-up call for some folks.

Consider checking the coverage that is being offered in your preventative affairs. Whether it be identity theft protection or other types of coverages, it is helpful to know where you stand at all times. I know I will be checking!

If you are interested in checking out Lifelock, I do recommend them. I have since upgraded my plan and I am now privy to all services going forward.

Additionally, if you are curious about the services surrounding Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, please check out my 5 Tools To Manage Your Financial Health article to get more information as to how this FREE service will benefit you.

Until next time…

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What have you done in response to the Equifax hack?  Do you currently utilize Lifelock? Please take a moment to share below in the comments!

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Last edit 11/28/2017

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