Welcome To My Personal Finance And Lifestyle Blog

Welcome To My Personal Finance And Lifestyle Blog

Hello, and welcome to my personal finance and lifestyle blog, that was created in September 2017. This website was almost a failure to launch because it ultimately took 3 years to get it going! This past year has been a blessing in many ways because it allowed me to slow down and start new hobbies, like creating this blog. I am finally here *waves furiously* and ready to share my story, the journey to early retirement (my ultimate goal), and the multitude of other ponderings. 

My intent with this personal finance and lifestyle blog is to have an avenue to express myself through my writing, connect with like-minded people, be a resource for others on their own financial journey, and to challenge myself.

Early on, one of the sticking points of starting this blog was finding the right name. I can be particular when it comes to deciding on something permanent, so when it came to deciding on a name for this website, it wasn’t any different.

The right name finally came to me about a month ago when I was logging my month-end balances. I had been out of full-time work for over a year with only my husband’s income paying the month-to-month bills. It was at that point I noticed that our portfolio had grown around the same amount this past year as our yearly contributions.

To put this in perspective, when I was working full-time, I saved approximately 75% of my pre-and post tax income in 401k, IRA’s, and taxable accounts.

Essentially, I worked to save money.  

Throughout this past year, my investments increased by the same amount of my would-be contributions without any working effort.

The money was working for me!

I didn’t have to work an 8-to-5 job in order to contribute money to my investments.

I will say that this year in particular has been a record-breaking year in terms of the markets, so it is not likely that my investments will replace my full-time income fully year over year with my current holdings.

Let your money work for you=

But, what it did do as a certainty was provide me with the name I needed for this blog – Full-time Dollars.

My situation is not normal, but it’s not abnormal either. I have had some luck along the way, but a large part of the results are due to making certain financial decisions that started in my early 20’s. And by luck I mean getting jobs when I needed it. 

What You Can Expect – Personal Finance & Beyond

The content you can expect from this blog will center around the following main categories:

  • Managing Money
  • Early Retirement
  • Career
  • Lifestyle

I will shed light on my first-hand experiences in each one of these categories. Of course, there will be an emphasis on personal finance articles. You will gain valuable insights from a regular person who has had trials and tribulations, but has persevered – and is still on the path to financial independence and early retirement.

I am creating new articles each day in order to post on a regular basis. My plan is to post every few days, but at least twice a week. I will have articles that can relate to multiple facets of your life, either it be money insights, career advice, education tips, or recipe offerings. I am always thinking for ways to provide valuable content. There will be a mixture of different types of articles, some will be digestible chunks while others will be more lengthy.

In regards to “the financials“, I will be posting monthly financial month-end reviews which will provide a glimpse into my tracking and analysis and from time-to-time I will be adding any financial milestones that occur.

Additionally, I will be adding more stories related to the progression of my financial journey and how that has allowed me to consider retiring early – so stay tuned.

In closing, I have spent numerous hours reading blogs and listening to podcasts centered around personal finance, saving money, early retirement, entrepreneurship, and similar topics to help me with this journey. During that time, reading comments and suggestions helped me to understand the process even more, so feedback from you as the reader is greatly appreciated. I will be reading and responding to every, single comment

I can assure you that I am a real person, with real emotions and experiences, so don’t be intimidated to reach out if you have questions. I tried to make this website as clean and intuitive as possible so you can enjoy your experience here at Fulltimedollars.com. Happy reading!

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